Ultimate Persuasion Strategies – Influence Tools & Skills

Learn The Most Powerful Tools Of Influence!

What Will I Learn?

  • Mastery Of The 6 Major Skills Of Persuasion
  • Ability To Spot When Persuasion Is Being Used On YOU!
  • Powerful Ways To Get Your Ideas Across
  • Vastly Improved Communication Skills
  • Powerful Selling Skills
  • Be More Likeable & Trustworthy In The Eyes Of Others
  • Powerful Ability To Motivate Others!
  • Exceptional Rapport Skills


  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Understand English


Ultimate Persuasion Strategies! Master Persuasion Tools

Without the Power To Influence .. you are dead in the water! You won’t make the sale – You won’t get your ideas across – You won’t get people to take action!

These Powerful Persuasion Tools & Strategies can be life-changing and will dramatically boost your ability to influence. They will also get stronger over time as you practice and combine them!

In this Course you will Learn/Gain:

  • Cutting-edge tools of influence that can be used in ANY situation
  • How to gain Rapport with anyone – FAST!
  • You gain a TON of Communication Skills
  • Boost “Likeablity”
  • Gain peoples Trust Rapidly
  • Motivate People to Take ACTION!
  • Be able to handle ANY Objection
  • Gain Powerful Networking Skills
  • Learn how to REALLY Sell!
  • Be able to LEAD in almost any situation!

Who is the target audience?

  • Marketers
  • Sales People
  • Therapists
  • Managers
  • Teachers
  • Everybody who wants an Unfair Advantage in Life!

Curriculum For This Course

12 Lectures


What Is Influence & Why Is It Important

The Power To Influence – Beginning Concepts

The 6 Master Principles Of Persuasion – Part 1

The 6 Master Principles Of Persuasion – Part 2

The MUST Have Persuasion Tool

Emotional Reasoning

MORE Powerful Tools Of Persuasion

Rapport Building & Reputation – Part 1

Rapport Building & Reputation – Part 2

Powerful Tools Of Persuasion – Part 1

Powerful Tools Of Persuasion – Part 2

Powerful Tools Of Persuasion – Part 3