Introduction To Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

What Will I Learn?

  • Be better informed about crypto currency and make an educated decision to invest in crypto currency.


  • Come in with an open mind, and some type of mobile device (with WiFi access) is required in order to access materials.


Okay, so you’ve been curious about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a while now… following it in the news (and watching others get rich). But, you’re skeptical about investing and worried you missed the boat.

Well, you haven’t missed a thing. NOW is the perfect time to get off the sidelines and start investing. Not sure where to begin? Start right here.

Whether you’ve already done some trades, or don’t know a blockchain from a hard fork… this course will bring you up to speed on cryptocurrency so you can take advantage of this historic moment.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about crypto currency.

Cryptocurrency Glossery Of Terms