Facebook Advertising For Local Service Businesses

Best Facebook Ad Methods For A Local Service Business!

The content in this course is for professionals but easy enough to understand that you don’t need any Facebook ads experience.


Free Directory Information

Boosted Post Vs Ad

Account Setup And Page Roles

Creating Your Ad

Ad Manager

What Will I Learn?

  • How to set up affordable Facebook ads to get more customers locally.
  • How to save time and money avoiding common mistakes.
  • How to create Facebook Ads on a small budget.
  • Step-by-step guide to setting up your first Facebook Ad.
  • Explanation of Facebook Ads, how it works, what you should know, and tips.
  • Massive Value!


  • No prior Facebook knowledge is needed.
  • Students will need a computer (Mac or PC) or a smartphone/tablet (iOS or Android).
  • All you need is you! Just bring an open mind and willingness to learn.


Facebook Ads Course Covering Everything You Need To Get Started Running Facebook Ads On A Small Budget!

You will be walked through everything step-by-step in an easy to understand format.

Learn Major Concepts About Facebook Ads To Ensure Your Success:

– How to make a Facebook Ad Account!

– How ‘Boosting‘ a post is different than an ‘Ad’!

– How to create a great Facebook Ad!

– One button to run your Ad on Instagram also!

– How to use a small budget that works and is affordable!

– How to use these strategies long run!


If you have a computer (Mac or PC) or a smartphone (iOS or Android) you are ready to begin.